R600 per track (approximately $50). Includes one free master revision.
Masters delivered as DATA via secure web delivery. Optional DDP with built-in DDP Player + Burner.

For best results, the minimum audio format standard should be: 24 bit, un-mastered stereo interleaved, with each mix bounced at the sample rate used throughout the recording and mixing process (44.1kHz is the lowest accepted sample-rate).
Specific exclusions: no mp3’s will be mastered, also please do not convert an mp3 to a wave as this will not result in recovery of the lost quality. Consider that if an mp3 is mastered as a wave it will most likely be converted to mp3 again by the consumer resulting in a second stage of audio degradation of sound quality. It is easy to detect when a poor quality mp3 is converted to wave as it obviously lacks important information particularly in the high-frequency spectrum. The mp3 is strictly a consumer format and has no place in the music-production process.
Recommendations: please do not apply stereo buss limiting. Moderate buss compression is great if its essential to the character of the sound you’re after. I will manage level, compression, EQ and stereo-image on the chain here in the studio.